Idle very long

In the five weeks since we returned from E’s annual checkup in Vancouver with a clean bill of health in hand, he has been busy.

He finished the greenhouse complete with lighting and running water.

He built a gorgeous cedar rose arbor for the garden.

He built a railing around the porch of the bunkie to ensure that most of our guests remain at the top of the hill.

He replaced all the fencing around the garden, which he described as a job worse than drywalling, and he hates drywalling. Then, he finished up the month by building a new compost bin.

Today he packed up his carpentry tools and stored them away for a while. I suspect he is hoping for a rest, perhaps a gin and tonic or two on the deck.

We find it hilarious when people say they couldn’t retire as they can’t see themselves sitting around doing nothing all day. If that is what is stopping you from retiring, move to an off grid island!

E isn’t the only islander who works so hard. Typically, even if a house on this island is finished, which rarely happens, the owner might then build a workshop or a greenhouse or a gen shed or a bunkie or a storage shed or a new garden or a yoga studio or a sauna or a hotub deck or a … you get my point.

Everyone seems to have a project or two on the go and I think it is safe to say that E and I aren’t the only ones who start new ones before the other ones are finished.

Although everyone comes here for different reasons, most who live here like to build stuff and putter. Those that don’t then hire those that do. It’s a perfect arrangement. I would not be wrong to say that, at any given moment on almost every property on this island, there is a project about to be started, underway or just finished. Considering there are no stores and all of the materials need to be carried over here by boat it is all the more impressive.

I think I mentioned we brought a barge over in March with everything we would need for all of the projects on our list for 2021. E is only half way through the list. He won’t be

idle very long

6 thoughts on “Idle very long

  1. Omg I have been reading your blog for awhile. I love this post and island living sounds perfect for what I have in mind for retirement. Wish I could move NOW!!


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