Can’t go wrong

I’m driving home from work down East Boulevard at 33rd with my windows rolled down. It is a hot summer day in 1978 and I am the skinniest I ever was in my life, wearing the cutest dress I ever owned. It was cotton with pink and white flowers on a black background. Jackson Browne was on the AM dial in my new Mustang Ghia singing The Load Out/Stay and I had it playing full blast, as I bellowed “oh won’t you Stayyyyyy just a little bit longer.”

It is a moment in my life I refer to in my mind, often, usually when I am sitting in the dentist chair looking to go to my happy place. A moment in time worth remembering. I have had many others, don’t get me wrong, but that one picture often returns to my mind. I can’t remember the context of the day. Did I have a big date that night? Did I get a raise at work? Who knows. I am sure you also have reoccurring fond memories.

This morning we continued our work accruing firewood from the upper portion of the property. We had to throw the rounds off the cliff, to then be driven to the wood pile. There is probably enough, now, to fill one side of the bigger shed. There is still another side to go, but it is unlikely to have so much Arbutus in it.

I am not quite sure how to track the lifting and throwing of Arbutus rounds off a cliff and then into a truck, in my weight watchers exercise chart, but I am fairly certain it earns me a glass of wine tonight.

Today, on the nature channel, we have some sad news about one of our resident eagles. We have two who have been with us since we got here.

On occasion we watch the eagles being tormented by the hawks. I really don’t know why a hawk would win a fight with an eagle but the noise that goes on when the hawks chase them is alarming.

I was taking pictures after lunch today of one of the eagles as he stood in the cut at low tide.

When I realized he has been injured. Probably those damn hawks.

Now I am sure you are asking what my memory of an afternoon in 1978 has to do with firewood and injured eagles and I would have to answer that I have no clue.

But as I was chucking the rounds off of the cliff, that particular memory came back to me out of the blue and I thought if I shared it with you, you might take a moment to go to a happy place of your own while you sing along with me and Jackson Browne, ‘cause “You know you

can’t go wrong”

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