Do some thinking

Through the magic of sound carrying across water we generally hear whales coming toward us before we see them. So as not to miss their distinct sound I find the best position, for me, is sitting in a comfy chair in the sun, on the deck, with my feet up and my eyes closed. It is similar to E’s daily afternoon thinking position but I call this my listening position. To the casual observer it might appear like I am sleeping but I can assure you that I am listening.

I am of the opinion that the whales are always in front of our house but sometimes, for reasons only known to them, they just want to stay hidden. I have just recently discovered a new method to encourage them to reveal themselves.

Last night we decided to splurge on an $8.00 wine to go with our steak dinner. Our homemade $5.00 brew just wasn’t going to cut it as a pairing for a juicy tenderloin meal. I had no sooner opened the bottle when a pod of maybe five Orca came through the narrows in front of us. Not particularly close but good enough for a bit of a show with binoculars and a good camera.

Imagine our surprise when we zoomed in and saw a lone humpback heading the opposite direction on the other side of the pod.

Until it is time to take the vegies out of the greenhouse and plant them outside, most of the work in the garden is done. Today we continued to tidy up the construction zone and put away the left over bits of lumber. It will all get used, eventually, but for the moment it doesn’t need to be spread all over the entrance to the property. It still isn’t spit spot but it isn’t likely we are going to have company coming around so we quit early and came back to the house so I could concentrate on listening and E could

do some thinking.

2 thoughts on “Do some thinking

  1. Hey good on you. That’s what it’s all about. Off grid island life is or should be relaxing and fun. Out of the city and rat race. Well,almost. LOL


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