in a heap

The difficulty level in this climate of growing zucchini is about the same level as you would have growing a weed.  Anne maintains that one plant will feed a family of four. My friend, planted twenty-six. Despite evidence to suggest otherwise is she is surprisingly quite sane. I planted four. I … Continue reading

wine beside me

When I moved to this island, I discovered that every woman I met living here had artistic crafty talent or amazing five-star chef like skills,  and I had none. I could neither stitch in a ditch nor stuff a tenderloin. What to do? I decided to pull a quote from a book I had recently read and went … Continue reading

hear my snoring

Okay, I tried. I really tried. But, the truth is, my ability to write is directly affected by my commitment to abstinence.  I just do not feel comfortable putting pen to paper (metaphorically) without a glass of red next to me. I don't drink when I'm Grandparenting and since my sweet wee one … Continue reading

Caught our breath

I am the first to admit that I might, occasionally, exaggerate just a little bit, every once in a while, maybe. In fact I might be the greatest exaggerator ever! But, I would well be in the realm of accuracy if I told you that yesterday was incredible, of historic proportions here on the nature … Continue reading

a cautionary tale

Dangerous situations can arise pretty quickly when you are out on the water. Living on an island we are out on the water more than most and the islanders are pretty diligent about our safety measures.  We see many who are not. To get to the Gulf Islands from Nanaimo there are two options. You … Continue reading