His job too

Endless days of sunshine. Temps sitting at about 16 degrees. Waters are flat calm. We are hardly using any firewood. It is a good chance to use up the stacks of bark we have. E lights some bark and a few pieces of fir around 4 Am and then we let it die out during the day. House is warm into the evening from the sunshine. No reason to break into our ample supply of arbutus yet. These are my favorite days on the island.

The bathroom used to be on the water side of the house. There is a hall way there now. The window needed to be removed and covered over with insulation and shakes. Again, we are working backwards on this reno. E tackled the window today. Progress which isn’t particularly noticeable once done but left unfinished was an eyesore.



Over the summer it became apparent we needed a light on the stairs from the house down to the deck. Something which wouldn’t detract from the night view but would make the stairs safer after a few glasses of wine. Motion activated. We bought one in town yesterday. With the wall completed E could now install the light with the wiring he had all ready and waiting.

The sea lions are back and it’s a common sight to have them swimming past the deck. Yesterday, on our way back from town they were all around our boat. Two were canooodling while the others around us had huge fish hanging out of their mouths. A highlight for our commute.

Yesterday, while the dogs had their winter hair cuts, we did our big winter shop. It took me most of this morning to get it all put away.

An old friend of E’s (and mine) called the other night. Friend is hesitant to retire as he loves his job.

I was thinking how lucky we are that E loves

his job too

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