wearing a harness

A common problem when stealing a tree peony from your Mother’s garden before you sell her house, is hastily planting it incorrectly in a new planter. I planted the root too high in the soil, thereby giving new life to the grafted bush peony. The beautiful tree peony hadn’t a chance.

Today, I pulled the whole combined root ball out of the pot, hosed it off, cut back the bush peony roots (I think) and replanted it deeper with just the tree buds showing. Hopefully I have stifled the bush growth to enable the tree growth to emerge. Then I went back to planting 110 daffodil bulbs.

E had a one step back, two steps forward kind of day. When he began to frame the  outside of the window above the kitchen sink he found the wires from the solar panels were still exposed in front of the window. The solar panels had been installed before the windows. He put down the wood trim and pulled out the extension ladder.

All of the wires for the solar panels were yet to be tucked in under the roof cap. The roof cap also needed to be fixed permanently down to the centre of the roof. (we ran out of screws last time E was up there). The spring was too wet. The summer had been too hot. Today, was as good a time as any to secure the wires and the roof cap and then feed the wires behind the window through into the utility closet.

It didn’t take too long to finish once he was up there. Now, we can finally say the roof is completely finished and there is no reason in the near future for anyone to go back up there. We will notice a huge difference when it gets windy tonight.

When you build a house backwards these kinds of things happen. And no, he isn’t

wearing a harness


No, he isn’t wearing a harness ;(

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