the damn thing

On my winters schedule of events, it is time for me to sew my squares for the island raffle quilt. When we moved here I bought a $50.00,  fifty year old sewing machine off Craigs list.. It goes forward very reliably… Nothing else.

I decided that I would like to explore sewing a little further now that the reno is kind of done and I have a granddaughter to sew for…. I ordered a new fangled machine off of Amazon and my friend picked it up for me yesterday…. It has a lot of bells and even more whistles… Computerized everything….

I spent the last day sitting in front of it waiting for it to sew my squares… It seems my involvement is expected to be more than the purchase and placement of the machine in front of a window with a view. The set up is ideal. I can’t imagine what else the machine needs from me.

E wanted a break from hammering shakes on the side of the house. Last winter our son chopped down a tree on the cliff behind the vegetable garden. It was close to falling on the apple trees in the next heavy wind. With the weather forecast to turn to rain soon, it seemed like the last opportunity for dry weather, to climb up the mossy rocks and harvest the fire wood. He likes chainsaw work but it takes its toll on his back… One or two days at a time is all that he can do without suffering… But the job is done and ticked off the to do list. Best of all, he is still standing straight.

As it turns out, if your plane to Vegas has the auto pilot function on the control panel, it still needs someone trained sitting in the Captains chair. Similarly, just because one can drive a Porsche doesn’t mean they can parallel park. These same truths retain their validity in front of a computerized sewing machine. The machine still requires someone mildly competent to run

the damn thing

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