to be fun

The temperature listed at BH across the water from our house is currently 18 degrees. We have often argued that it is much warmer and drier at our house than listed at BH, our closest option on Accuweather. Rain would be predicted at BH, and we could see it raining there, but it was sunny here. I have long been curious about our actual annual rainfall. What are our annual temperature highs and lows? How fast is that wind actually blowing outside our window?

So we bought our own weather station and E installed it today. He drilled a hole in the perch rock and put the measurement instrument extending out off the rock on an aluminum bar.

img_2819 It will be interesting to watch the cumulative totals over the coming years. I think it will easily prove the point that our weather here is better than advertised. Case in point, the instrument has been up for an hour and although BH is listed as 18 degrees, it is 28.4 in the shade on our perch.

This is going

to be fun


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