we moved here

When I lived in the city I never had to worry if water would return to the toilet after I flushed. When my wrists were at their worst, I would sometimes have three long hot baths per night to soak them….Three!!! The house was always warm and the required groceries I couldn’t find in my fridge were a four block drive away by car. Groceries by the way which I would unload in my garage, next to the laundry room which was next to the kitchen…

I should have explained yesterday why the weather is so important to us here on the island. Most of us have one if not two weather apps on our phone, along with navionics and the tide charts.

If there isn’t going to be sun, our solar power is affected. If there is going to be rain our wells and water tanks will benefit. If the wind is coming up, planned trips on the water for supplies could be delayed. Everything we do is predicated by the weather. Warm or cold, wet or dry, all of our daily decisions can’t be made until we see what is happening out the window.

It is incredibly frustrating that no one and I mean no one seems to be able to accurately anticipate what the weather in this little part of the world is going to be like, let alone confirm what our current conditions are.

We have commonly seen winds of 45 or 50 kph. But we have had nights when the house felt like it was about to blow into the ocean and yet accuweather said blowing 30 kph. One night we were warned by environment Canada that the winds could peak at 100 kph and it did blow like the dickens but we never knew how strong they were. It would have been interesting to know… ie.. So it’s at 80 kph that my patio chairs fly across the property… Good to know!!

Much like how our system conversations often start with septic issues, our other stories often begin with the relevant wind and weather conditions.

Although our new weather station won’t be able to predict the weather, it will be of interest to know how strong the winds were and if it really did rain more this winter than any other winter since

we moved here


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