their supper here

We had five turkey vultures flying around in circles above us yesterday as we worked on the gutters. Turkey vultures don’t kill their own dinner and I couldn’t see why they were hanging around. There wasn’t any dead creature at the cut.  I did worry that they saw the scaffolding on our house and suspected there would soon be dinner near by.

E and I had picked up the continuous gutters by boat the day before. They weren’t heavy but awkward. Two of the pieces were 21 feet.  Yesterday we started installing the gutters early and finished around four. They are up. Today, E will do the downspouts.


The good news is, E didn’t fall off the scaffolding  and the turkey vultures didn’t get

their supper here



5 thoughts on “their supper here

    • HI!!! Geez how did you find the blog? Great to “see” you… Weren’t all the gang going to visit when passing nearby on a sailboat recently?…. Let me know next time.. you are welcome anytime :).. Hoping the the gutters are on the right side up… I guess the next rains will tell 🙂


  1. I hope E put the gutters up the right way! Did they have “This side up” decals on them? Just kidding. Hope all is well for you two over on the Island. Will you guys invite me over sometime despite my comment?


  2. That’s pretty precarious work. I can see why they were hanging around. We saw a group of five circling when we were out on our quad ride. Maybe they were thinking we were fast food. – Margy


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