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Mom, take care


It’s late at night. (Midnight) and I can’t sleep. Too much wine, perhaps or maybe just too much on my mind.

Came home from a wonderful dinner at our neighbours, maybe I shouldn’t have had that last glass of wine.. It was simple fare, shared with good friends, a relaxing evening .. Five friends, three dogs..

Here on the blog, I have some catching up to do.

This week we started with a 5 am whale visit. At least eight swimming in front of the house from 5 until 6 am. Flat calm waters, early sunrise no one but us to witness the relaxed morning play of an extended family of whales.. Here on the nature channel it could have become routine after four years but it is anything but.. I would apologize that the video isn’t national geographic standard but you have to understand it was 5am and  perfect video or not they were under my window!!!……. Mom and Babe… Briefly…..

We have had otters making wild passionate love sex outside our BEDROOM window at night (this is a sound you don’t want to hear), we have had the juvenile eagle fighting with his parents on our roof, we have had  gorgeous sunny trips through the narrows and beach glass combing on the shores at SoHo. This week held it all..

I have given away, ( I kid you not) ninety-two  tomato plants and kept forty for my own garden. I still have fifteen available.. Anyone?? Anyone???? You can imagine how much I like pasta sauce when you hear how many tomatoes I grow. I will be canning most of them and next winter will be living on that gorgeous sweet sauce.

E was busy watching hockey going on, so I took the opportunity to bond with my humming birds. For those of you who want to try this at home… Mix three (not four) parts water with one part sugar. Put it in a red lid with the yellow bits from a legit humming bird feeder….


I came home to check the news. They have evacuated the town of Fort McMurray due to wildfires. Our eldest son is a wild fire fighter. He has been on duty since March 15. In six weeks he has been on an active fire for three of them and on call for one… He will get a day off on Saturday, his first in twenty… Fourteen of them with fourteen hour days. It’s only the first of May… Geez its going to be another brutal summer…He sent me this picture… He had set a pipe on a fire line one day and came back the next morning to check on it…. A Grizzley had been by… Our son is 200 pounds and doesn’t make a dent in the mud…

It is almost one and I should be asleep. But I worry.. It is who I am.. I worry about my kids, I worry about my Mom and truth be told I worry about my siblings… But tonight my eldest is off fire and our other two are safe. Tonight it’s all about my

Mom, take care

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  1. Rarely we have river otters come by our cabin. Not often enough for me, but maybe I could do without the noisy sex. I got a pressure canner for this year’s crops. Before I could only do water bath items. Can’t wait until there’s something ready in the garden. I had a two and a half year break from cabin life to care for my Mom in her home. It was hard being away from our place and my husband most of the time, but it was really worth it to be with Mom and let her enjoy her own home right to the last. – Margy

    • Pressure canner is great.. saves a ton of propane.. My kind neighbour lends me hers… I know how I will be spending September, but it will be worth it in November when the lasagna is hot on the table…. Nice you were able to do that for your Mom…no regrets….!!

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