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At first sight


E was having a nap and I was writing a blog post. I could heard a mouse in the den and I stood up to investigate. Outside the living room window I noticed a double kayak sitting in front of the house… Good weather and kayakers go hand in hand around this end of the island.  When I came back from mouse hunting the kayak was suspiciously still…  I got out my binoculars.. (As you do)… Low and behold the boat was empty…

DSCN0093“Excuse me… Is that your kayak? ”  I yelled over to the women on  Link.. They had just woken up from their nap in the sunshine to discover their kayak had gone on a little adventure and was slowly making its way to the Narrows.  “Would you like help?” I added…   E woke up and drove to the other side of the island to grab our boat. 


They were very grateful.

We have lived on this island exactly four years. The day we arrived it was pouring rain.. Our sons helped us and we all got soaked.. Today, it was a beautiful day.

After four years our daily schedules are quite routine depending on the season. In the spring, I spend most days in the garden. E knocks away at the to-do list. Today he was finishing the water seal on the deck at the house.  I was finishing up with the tomato plants. I have potted up forty tomatoes for my garden. They are sitting in the cold frame until the  long weekend in May when they will go in the garden.. I am not sure where I am going to find room to put them all but I will try.  I have given away eighty plants to my friends on the island. Bless their hearts for taking them off my hands!  I have about twenty left to go.. If I have missed anyone or if any of you have room for more let me know… Please. !!  ðŸ™‚

We have sent the island newsletter to the printers by email and will pick it up tomorrow when I go to physio. The women at Tuesday knit night can help me stuff the envelopes and I can put the newsletter in the mail on Wednesday. Thrilled to have it off my list of things to do.. 

I have deleted the post I began before the whole mouse hunt/kayak rescue events of the last hours. In retrospect you wouldn’t have been interested in the topic.. Best left alone.


The four years have been good ones. “They” say one of the secrets for a long and happy life is having a reason to get up..We have a lot of them and most of them involve trying keep the house warm, the systems working and the food and wine flowing. I suspect another secret to happiness is a little bit of spontaneous kayak rescuing on the high seas.

We have may have only been living on this island full time for four years, but I have been coming here since 1982. I came the first time with Papa and E on the sailboat a week before our wedding. 

For me, it was with both this island and with E, love

 at first sight.

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

7 thoughts on “At first sight

  1. I wouldn’t mind a couple of tomato plants if that’s OK. Perhaps AW or JR could being them over? I’ve finally got the garden cleared of weeds, and had 400lbs of organic soil delivered on Saturday, so I’m ready to start planting!!

  2. Comments section on the other post not working for me. I have a loathsome character for you. Dave. Introduce him and, in the initial describing, have a bus run over him. In an island, no less! There you go…..

  3. I LOVE the thought of (our) sweet cliff house having such good vibes from your loving life there. And YES I so get that it’s a labour intensive life! Interesting that you didn’t tell part 2 of the kayak rescue. You two definitely take care of your neighbours or temporarily-neighbouring folks! Hmmm, did I ever tell you about the time I heard flute music from the house? Turned out it was a totally naked kayaker who’d perched in the cut and was playing a wonderful concert all alone in the buff! His kayak was secured, however….

  4. You must really love tomatoes to have 40 plants in your garden, not to mention a huge garden. I’ll have three (maybe four if a volunteer grows from last year’s seeds). That’s more than we can eat, freeze and can. I know what you mean about love at first sight. That’s the way we feel about our float cabin on Powell Lake. – Margy

    • I realize I have gotten a little carried away with the Tomatoes this year (just a little 🙂 but I wanted a variety… haha.. oh well maybe its time to have an annual island Tomatina celebration.. you know when everyone throws tomatoes at each other for fun!!!!

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