Baby, her Mom

Our relationship had a rocky start. 

Her postpartum depression, delayed my homecoming. Grandma, travelled by train from Vancouver to help out. Days passed. Grandma suggested a family picnic in the park across the street from the hospital. With the two older children, my Grandma and Dad on the blanket enjoying their day in the sunshine, Mom looked at the hospital and suggested she was ready to have her third come home. 

They left me alone with her for the first time while Grandma and Dad took the others to the Calgary Stampede. Mom, tried to give me a bath to stop the incessant crying. She noticed I wasn’t moving my right arm, it hung limp. She called the Doctor and from her description he insisted I be taken to the emergency ward immediately. I had osteomyelitis in my shoulder, a serious infection of the bone marrow brought on by a staff infection through the umbilical cord in the delivery ward. I spent the next three months in the intensive care nursery. Fifty nine years later, I had the shoulder replaced.

The world is divided into two types of people who travel as foot passengers on the ferry. The ones who line up to board long before the ferry has docked and those that sit comfortably in the lounge until the crowds have gone to then walk on at leisure. As you can well imagine, I fall into the second group. Christmas music on my IPod reminds me that it’s been a while since I travelled alone. We had whales on the local seas here last night so I was in no rush to board the ferry, choosing instead to watch out the window for a fin or two. Even if there are whales there it would be hard to see them amidst the many white caps spread before me.

I am on the ferry to visit my Mom who is back in the hospital. It is a gorgeous yet very windy day here on the water. My brother is picking me up at the terminal. I am staying with my friend Didi and my three kids will visit Mom and I at the hospital over the weekend.

Mom and I spent the next 55 years living within a block or two of each other. After the initial rocky start, she became my strongest ally. Nothing like the threat of losing her, reminds a Mom that she loves her baby, or a 

baby her Mom 


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