only down side

It was windy yesterday at our end of the island so we went to the south end and hung out at the family home. We spent the afternoon walking the beach, cutting the lawn and reading in the sun on the deck.. We packed a lunch and had a great day in peace and quiet.

Not a soul to be seen.  june 9 005 june 9 013

Today we went to town. E had a follow-up Doctors appointment. (post kidney stone) It was quick. Everything is well and he doesn’t have to go back until December.

I drove both ways to town in the TinMan.. I have to say my docking at BH was perfection.. Both trips went well. Certainly helps that most of the boats near us are absent.. I panic easily though and I depend on E to keep me calm. I have a long way to go.

We got a call from the hospital in Vancouver, they want E back again.. He needs to start another medication for a new problem.. Nothing serious,  just another pill added to the fourteen he already takes every day. When we go to L the strawberries will be ready. There is nothing at all which tastes as good as the strawberries which they grow in L. They are huge and juicy and make wonderful jam. Our daughter is coming back with us for a few days and has promised to help me make jam.. She can be my hands…

E gets incredible care from the medical team and always has. They are on top of every change in his health. Oddly, this new problem is caused by taking all his  other medications for so long.. The down side of living so long post heart transplant. It is the

only down side



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