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that was unfortunate


Time to change things up. The first template I used for this blog was a default choice for new Word Press users… It worked fine.. It probably had a lot more clever options available than I ever found. I thought it was time to look around for a different style. I think this is a cleaner look. I am still playing with the photos for the backgrounds though… it isn’t finalized.

Yesterday we bottled 29 bottles of Amarone. It really wont be drinkable until winter nights by the fire.   The longer it stays in the bottle the better…    We are thinking we need to bottle another Valpolicella for the fall… Just in case. We worry that summer evenings watching the sunset will eat up our supplies…           .june 11 080

Here is the progress of the three Fox Sparrows.. All three born now and snug as bugs in the nest.


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Spent the morning drinking coffee with a few of the women folk. It is absolutely impossible for any of us to get one complete thought expressed before four other conversations are begun.. I don’t know if it is because we usually spend our time in peace and quiet that when together we explode…. or we are extremely enthusiastic about the topics at hand.  I like to think of it as youthful enthusiasm. However frenetic the conversation the morning was great fun…. Except for the part when I stomped on MB’s brand new 3 lb puppy                               CIMG1948

that was unfortunate



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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

9 thoughts on “that was unfortunate

  1. I like this format, easier to read. I still think it was a bee, not your foot ☺

  2. Beautiful layout!

  3. This is graphic artist quality – well done. I love the way the text slides over the photo – very cool.
    You could not have stomped on my pet. She would have ssid so right away – she’s not one to suffer lightly, apparently.

  4. Really well done. But I can’t figure out how to get back to the blog after clicking on the photos though, any ideas?

  5. I double clicked on the picture to get it full screen, and I couldn’t get back from there. Maybe it’s just not meant to go full screen??

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