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We had family to the garden for wine tonight. We have a great view but no deck.. Until we have a deck, 4 pm wine is served in our garden.. I’m not complaining, its lovely. But I look forward to the day we have a deck at the front of the house. Building a deck is on our list of things to do. Wine with family, (and friends)  while we watch the sunset would be amazing                                                      .may 31 037

Conversation came up, as it does and I don’t know how. Names were mentioned of friends from long long ago. Two of our closest friends from back in the day have been gone (to cancer ) for 8 years.. Aside from the wrongness and sadness of it all, their deaths remind of us of the preciousness of time. There are clichés out there to remind us not to waste time. Facebook sites to share and life coach quotes to repeat.. galore.. But when it comes down to it.. most of us just worry about paying the bills.. Time isn’t available to think about much else.

Here on this island, tonight, the bills are here, medical issues exist. We accept our time is precious and we work hard at ensuring that our happiness is paramount..

Nothing is more important than embracing the present.

Appreciating all that we have.                                                                                       june 7 082

Most people would not like this life.  I know it isn’t for everyone. My blog is not written to promote our lifestyle as one that is the best. It isn’t. Living off grid away from the maddening crowd, however, is the lifestyle for E and I. It is a little different of a lifestyle from the norm and so I write about it. Those who are interested in the trials and tribulations seem to enjoy following along.. Other islanders, when away, like to keep in touch with the goings on….. But for the majority of our old friends, my blog would probably be pretty boring stuff. It’s hard to relate to conversations about septic systems and batteries. Lord knows my eyes still tend to glaze over when wattage is discussed.

We have made some new amazing friends in the two years we have been here. Last nights bridge night proved again that we are among kind patient people who are easily convinced to look past our faults… ( 4 spades? I meant 1 club.. can we go back?)… For those of our old friends who are gone.. we miss you.. To those of our friends new and old, who follow along.. feel free to comment, I would love to hear from you. To those of you I don’t know, who are interested in our life living off grid in BC Gulf Islands, I am honoured that you also chose

to follow along.


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