be easily sidetracked

The week began with a small birthday celebration (big candle) for the January kids..

jan 21 050

MB lent me a video on spinning wool and the woman (imagine the hypnotic voice of a 1960’s cult leader) said that she liked to card her wool three or sometimes four times… Spinning seemed so much easier for her and it occurred to me that  we had been hasty in our preparation of the wool… I am nothing if not obedient (to cult leaders) and I brought out our wool to begin at the beginning… I am recarding  (is that a word?) all that we had done..

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E wanted to bring the Iluka out of the water to check on the hull.. I drove it around and onto the W’s trailer (Thanks W’s). D and E scraped it and it is now ready to go to the Marina in N at the end of February for a paint job and new zincs.. Thanks DY and KY for all of your help!!!

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When I got back from the boat ramp yesterday to continue carding, it was like summer out front.. I grabbed my book, camera and a pot of tea and settled down to read in the sun… I can

be easily sidetracked.                               jan 21 080

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