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don’t be alarmed


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Today’s post was supposed to be about the return of the sea lions and their incessant barking all night long… Honestly, when do those animals sleep? They feed all day in front of the house and bark all night… Props to Sami though, last year he barked too but this year he sleeps through the commotion…But, today we are talking instead, (yet again) about the awesome people who live on this island…

E wasn’t feeling well yesterday and late this morning asked me what the signs of a stroke were.. I asked why? Well, says he, apparently since last night has had numbing on the left side of his face, inability to blink his eye, numbness in his neck and difficulty talking with a sloppy lip ( felt like he had been to the dentist)……

I called the ambulance who said they would meet us at BH. I called the Y’s to take the dogs and they said they would meet us at PC. (they had noticed E wasn’t speaking clearly earlier in the morning)  When we got to PC, DM was there with his boat (he loves to drive fast)… DY took the dogs back to our place and KY came with us.. We zoomed across to BH with DM at the helm.  The ambulance was at BH within a minute of our arrival.  KY and I followed the ambulance to the Hospital. We were in emerg seeing a doctor within 40 minutes of E advising me he had a problem. We were home by dark.

As I have mentioned before E and I have been battling colds for most of January. He did not have a stroke. With his suppressed immune system he has contracted Bells Palsy as a result of the cold virus. Like getting a cold sore only the left side of his face is frozen…. This has nothing to do with his heart and he will be fine…

We have to talk with the transplant team tomorrow to discuss a steroid treatment and he has to have a blood test to rule out Lyme disease.. But other than that we just have to wait it out. (it could take weeks to months)…

There are only about eight people on the island at this time of year and most of them were involved in getting E to a Doctor.. We are relieved that it turned out as it did and are so very thankful that we have friends here who answer their phone when we call..   You all are the best..

It was scary but it all turned out fine. (don’t be creeped out if you notice his left eye doesn’t blink any more)…. I guess I should have started with saying

don’t be alarmed.

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

18 thoughts on “don’t be alarmed

  1. Glad to hear E will be alright! Certainly a scare for you. What wonderful neighbours you have!

  2. Wow, very scary !! Glad to hear he is going to be fine. Big hugs to you both !

  3. Glad all is looking good, all my best to E. It is wonderful to have such a great support system!

  4. How very frightening! Our thoughts are with you both and a big hug from afar

  5. So relieved to hear it is ‘just’ Bell’s Palsy. Not a pleasant thing to have, but much less alarming than if it was a stroke. Thank goodness! And so glad that you had so much help in dealing with getting him to the hospital. We do have a wonderful system in Canada don’t we? Keep us posted on his recovery. Love to you both.

    • Thanks… It was an interesting day indeed….. really twenty minutes from our house to the inside of an ambulance was pretty good considering where we live..

  6. So glad to hear it turned out well. I hope that E recovers quickly. The time it took you to get to the ambulance was amazing. Great to have speedy DM on the island.

  7. Scary stuff ! Glad he is OK.

  8. Glad to hear that it all turned out better than it might have! Also wonderful to know how quickly things can move when there’s a need. Take care you two. SF

  9. Wow , such amazing support …hope you feel better E

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