described as babbling

A beaver lodge appeared on the island this spring. sept 3 120

Perhaps this beaver came here, like all of us, for vacation but decided to stay.. I imagine him walking down Cardale lane with his suitcase ready to begin a new life…

We expected we would have to get up early in the morning and haunt the woods near his home to see him. Maybe on a snowy morning see some foot (Paw?) prints..

But yesterday D and Y texted. The Beaver (Hudson) was sitting on the beach in front of their house.. He appeared to be eating the balls off the kelp. The moment my  pumpkin muffins were out of the oven we scooted down to their place.

We left the dogs in the car. Told them they were on the ferry. (The dogs are accustomed to 1 hour 40 minute trips left alone in the car on the ferry . They settle very well and usually sleep)… We tell them they are going on the ferry when we go to coffee or for short visits. But to continue…

Hudson was still on the beach.  K, E and I went down for a closer look and were able to get some great pictures.. He eventually rolled into the water for a slow swim around the dock. Backwards, forwards… he was in no rush.. Looked as sweet as can be….I have a great video but can’t post it on word press..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He swam across to the small island in front of the Y’s (150 feet?). He was resting on the beach when the local resident Otter family showed up. (six of them)… They could smell something different… Were very curious.. peeking over the rocks at him, then scurrying back to hide…. Some couldn’t care less and continued to wrestle.. I suspect they were the twins.. (don’t twins always wrestle?)  They grew bored with the quiet stranger and swam back to the Y’s dock. Cavorting, fishing, and pooping on boats. It seems when the island empties the otter run amock….

We took pictures and video at our leisure.. There was no hurry.. Everyone was hanging around.. We celebrated our good fortune over coffee and gluten-free pumpkin spice muffins. They were a new recipe and turned out great. Including tomorrow I have been gluten-free six days.

This morning, I woke excited for what could come today. Through the thick fog the ocean was sending quiet ripples against the rocks outside our window.. If it was a brook the sound would be

described as babbling

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