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We have a very efficient laundry system. The washing machine requires the generator to run. We also have to run the generator to pump water. We try to incorporate the two to save diesel. We have no dryer. I thought when we moved here I would get a dryer immediately but M assured me I would find the drying rack very efficient. I do.. It is magic.. You hang the clothes, raise the rack to the air and they are dry in no time..

The problem.. the laundry is always hanging in my kitchen.. I am always doing something in my kitchen.. baking, visiting, writing at the table.. I am constantly ducking underneath towels and blankets. Guests pop by and get the added treat of seeing my underwear draped like flags (big flags) in the air.. It bugs me.. I do not suffer silently.. ever… E does not have an easy life 🙂

The room where we watch tv, I will call the den. The den had a huge closet in it which contained I think at one time a shower. We had our pressure tank for the on demand hot water stored in there. We found it loud and it bugged E… (different things bug different people)….. So he moved the pressure tank under the house. Still works great and is much quieter. There was also a small bench area which contained the battery bank. There are six large batteries which run our house. E built a little sliding drawer and put them under the house in the crawl space. They roll out and in when he needs to access them… They are very heavy.

So the closet was full of a growing amount of junk. I hate junk… So I suggested and E agreed, to take it out…. He removed the whole shebang.. Now we can see the view of the next island from our living room chairs. It makes the small den feel so much bigger… !!! Although we have much less storage for things like brooms and mops.. I will think of something… right now .. I  like  the view, not a huge fan of mops.

This morning E moved the drying rack from the kitchen to the bedroom. The move makesthe kitchen feel bigger. In a small house, very important.. You really don’t notice the rack in the bedroom. It blends in with the wood trim… I don’t really care if it takes longer for the clothes to dry in the bedroom, far from the stove.. Just am glad to have my bras out of my kitchen.

Sometimes we have

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good ideas

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. I thought you were leading up to saying that you put the laundry rack in the den where the closet used to be! I would like to recommend an outdoor cloths line. Not always usable in this climate, but I find that most of the year it’s the best. Hanging laundry is one of my favourite chores, and the cloths come in with an outdoor aroma you can’t get any other way. I have a rack, but I love my cloths line. Mary

    • haha always keeping you on your toes… never know where I will end up… :).. Definitely like an outdoor clothes line.. have to put it on E’s list of things to do… One thing off, ten things on…….

  2. M. I’m loving reading your blog. Each one has a special and important message, and the photos are fabulous. I, like you, never tire of the sunsets (although we don’t get to see as many as you), and I never get bored on the island. Are we not all lucky to have found it, and to feel so welcomed and at home on it?

    You’re right, how does he make that 2×6 story funny? Oh well, he’s a great guy to live with.

    Thanks for this! SF


    • So glad you enjoy it.. I think I have mentioned you guys several times thru past posts…. hope that is okay.. :0 Nothing funnier than B telling a story….

      welcome aboard 🙂

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