owl lane entertainment

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One of our friends on the island was asked by a guest.  “Sure it’s pretty, but what happens when you get bored looking at sunsets?”. I am guessing they won’t be invited back anytime soon. For E and I and those who live here.. It never gets old.

Today is the full harvest moon. I was up in the middle of the night and it was almost there.. Gorgeous sitting low over the island in front of me. I tried to take a picture as you can see. But that just didn’t work.. Hard to set up a tripod when you are half asleep and trying to be quiet…

My friend L, is Italian and her Mom an amazing cook, Dad an avid vegetable gardener.. In its hey day there was no space wasted in their back yard. All of it planted.  Her Mom has now passed and he is 95.. But her Mom left me with planting advice and told me when to plant garlic.. You wait until October and plant by the light of the harvest moon.. Last year I  planted my garlic on the day of the harvest moon. I didn’t get a really good yield. So this year. I am following her words literally and going up to the garden at bedtime and planting the garlic… I will prepare the garden this morning but tonight I will be up in the garden planting by the light of the moon…I will think of Gina up there watching.

One of the women on the island suggested yesterday that she would like to start a garden club next spring.. I think that is a great idea. As I tried to learn from Gina, I will try to learn from the islanders  who are actual gardeners. I am a pretend gardener. I plant things because I like them without any regard for  the growing conditions….. There is huge talent and knowledge for growing in our unique island conditions. I will listen and learn.. I am game to try anything.

My sister-in-law told me about some women in the Kootenays who used to decide if the ground was right for planting by sitting their bare bums down on the dirt to test the temperature.  I am considering it. It would definitely liven up the

owl lane entertainment

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