I make out

Ok, today was an ordeal. We had to go to town for a Dr. appointment so, while there, the dog had his hair cut, we bottled thirty bottles of wine (Italian red), went to Costco for the ingredients for antipasto and popped into Canadian Tire for various oils and such. There were also stops for gas, mail, Save On, QFS, and Burger King.

We were up at 5, on the big island by 8 and home by 2. Our solar panels arrived at the boat ramp at 3:30. Got everything unloaded and safe at home by 4:30. It was 33 friggin degrees outside and I collapsed on the couch with a cold Pinot Gris in hand.. ugh.. I hate town days.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, but she is really really sorry, fell asleep with the doors open all night this week. It was a situation where the house was friggin hot, and she was tired and, well, she fell asleep. After thirty years of keeping houses mouse proof on this island it was a rookie mistake. Now we are suffering.

There is a family of mice in our bedroom. I am sure they are very nice and their family quite kind but I don’t appreciate their evening antics. We cannot for the life of us figure out what they are nibbling on. For certain they were not nibbling on our party favours, on the first two nights. Last night one clever fellow got a lovely piece of Havarti and lived to tell the tale. We have, however, successfully caught three other of the more naive members of the family with peanut butter. We buried them at sea.

The antipasto. September, 1998 in my girlfriend’s kitchen, her mother taught four of us hopeless young mothers how to cook her antipasto. Her name was Gina and honestly one of the greatest Italian cooks there ever was. But her skills at cooking were dwarfed by her disgust at our limited domestic skills. She considered us hopeless. But still, she taught us. With any luck I will be able to redeem myself. I haven’t tried making it since that night but I have her secret recipe such as it is and I am game.

The weather is supposed to cool a bit at the end of the week. Hopefully, if I can start early enough in the day, I will get it made without melting. I will let you know how

I make out

2 thoughts on “I make out

  1. No one hates town days ,more than me. In fact, I hate town. And I despise cities. But I AM partial to antipasto. Share the recipe or send a case lot. If neither option is acceptable , I have a boat and you have a bunkie and wine.
    How does early October sound?


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