Of a hardship

If it appears that I have accomplished very little for the last three weeks, the impression would be accurate. But I am feeling much better and am theoretically going to be of more use moving forward.

This morning, I started the day, baking our weekly sourdough bread requirements.

Then I moved on to canning the first batch of our tomatoes. We are picking about 2.5 pounds every second day. Lots of yummy sandwiches to be had. The smaller cherry sized ones I have been roasting for pizzas.

Although it is lovely chatting with you, this blog is also supposed to record important facts like water levels, and our off grid trials and tribulations. So, the requisite water update must be addressed.

Last year, at the end of August, I was quite pleased to record that we had survived the summer with 1300 gallons left in the water tanks. It was better than the year before when we had zero, none, nada, in mid July.

This year, drum roll please, we have 3250 gallons in storage! It is the practical upside of this covid summer with lots of rain and few overnight guests.

Last week a large humpback whale (not Bobby) visited on Sunday and Tuesday. There were two here on the 21st of July too. We saw a pod of Orca at the beginning of July, but not since.

We are upgrading the solar panels system which of course doesn’t happen without complications. We had no sooner received the additional controller we needed when our first had a little hissy fit and stopped working for no valid reason. It is under warranty and headed to Phoenix for repair. It should be back by the time the new panels are installed and ready to be plugged in. We should be all set for the fall. Power galore..

We continue to isolate, our bubble is small. Fortunately, we are fairly fond of each other and aside from missing our family terribly, it isn’t too much

of a hardship

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