plant the lettuce

To say it is distracting to have a humpback whale swimming back and forth in front of one’s house all day is an understatement. To say that it is in any way a hardship is unlikely. I do, however, admit that it is a first world problem, in a world, which to be frank, has a lot bigger problems than my predilection for distraction.

I made Amish white bread this morning while we await whole wheat flour arriving with my sister in law. It has been a long time since we ate a loaf of white bread but I have to say, it looks yummy and will go quite nicely with our chili. The best thing about this recipe is that it is fool proof and easy as can be.

Once it warmed up this afternoon I spent some time in the garden. Now, I don’t know about your voles but the voles we have on our island like to eat peas if they are planted  straight from the packet into the ground. Our voles will dig them right back out and you will have no peas for supper. So we soak the peas between some damp paper towel until they have sprouted. Then we can plant them. Cool weather is just fine. Today was perfect. Thanks to my friend who gave me some of her extras. We will have peas soon enough for supper. The lettuces I started in seed pots have sprouted and are also ready to go into the garden.

I did a bit of weeding. Almost got the garlic sorted out but I could hear Bobby (the whale) out front and honestly I was sure I was going to miss him breaching or doing an amazing flip the one time I didn’t pay attention. Sometimes he disappears for five minutes sometimes he is gone for three or four hours. You just never know. So I left the garlic unfinished and returned to my deck to watch for him.

I’ll weed some more tomorrow after I

plant the lettuce





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