boss around here

All of you who were concerned (no one) that we were about to blow ourselves up with the published setup for the new water boiler, don’t need to worry anymore. I posted pictures too early. The boiler must be higher than the coil in the wood stove or the natural cooling mechanism can’t take place and the boiler will over heat.(Science, who knew?)

We know the boiler has to be higher than the coil, well at least E knew. He has constructed a box which can carry the weight of the full boiler and covered it with tile. The box with the boiler on top of it will sit next to the stove.  I thought we were done and posted pictures… my bad.. Sorry.

Tomorrow, when the grout has dried on the box, I will take a proper picture with the complete set up so that you can be reassured that we aren’t going to blow up.

After the tiling was done and between the rain showers we went to buck up a load of wood. We filled the pick up truck, just the once as E’s back could only take so much chainsawing… We have found the secret to successfully handling the physical work on this island is moderation. Overdoing and screwing up our backs can set us back weeks.

The dogs are getting along a lot better these day.. I’m not sure if the neutering has finally had an effect on Pipers anger issues or if our strict four on the floor policy (never allowed on the furniture) has taught him who is the

boss around here.






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