Have beauty covered

I am aware the new tank is not particularly good looking and if I was living in a house in the city perhaps it would be in a closet. But I don’t have a closet and I want free hot water so there you go… Note the box and correctly placed tank for science to happen.

Beautiful sunny skies today. Not the rain we were warned about.. When it has rained it has been during the evening so it didn’t interfere in our day.

The sea lions have been feeding at the cut most days around 4:30. Word has it that the mergansers are back. They come for the winters and stay til the herring show up.

I have been sewing. A sentence which I am sure indicates a serious danger to the temperatures in hell. ie. freezing over. I have made two pairs of footed sleepers and a sundress… None of these items would pass a grade eight sewing test but I’m having fun and I seriously doubt a one year old cares if her flannel jammie’s seams are straight.

This tank is going to keep me in endless free hot winter baths it doesn’t need to be beautiful. We

have beauty covered

7 thoughts on “Have beauty covered

  1. well, that just goes to show you….. beauty is in the eye of the beholder! That tank is beautiful in so many ways; aesthetically it is brass, and metal has it’s own warmth, and it has more function/form chops than many sculptural pieces. You just stop and stare….. free hot water and such a placement! showing it’s intrinsic value, is brilliant. Well done.


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