to go anywhere

The island is emptying. Everyone else seems to have a plan for travelling far and wide. We are happy for them but we are only too thrilled to be staying here.

We really should get the exterior of the house finished before winter. But, as with all of the jobs we don’t enjoy, we had managed to ignore replacing the shakes as long as humanly possible. E began to replace the cedar shakes yesterday.

There are bare patches in various spots around the original house, as well as the front of the addition.  E will do one area a day until its finished. Some days it only takes a couple of hours, like yesterday around the guest room window.

Today’s portion around the kitchen window will take a little longer.

When we have enough water the ultimate plan is to power wash the entire house and then put a stain on the shakes to match the stain on the fir beams.

We will have plenty to keep us busy this winter. There is really no reason for us

to go anywhere


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