Here this weekend

First day of school for our five year old boy. It was 1991. We had registered him for all the requisite after school activities. Soccer, swimming and Beavers (pre Cubs). Three year old and new born were at home.. their turn would come.

Saturday morning at swimming lessons. A pool of five year old boys trying to float, bums in the air, with their parents sitting in the lounge watching. One of the other boys in the class was in the same French immersion class at school as our son. We meet the parents. chat, chat, chat. They introduce us to their cousin and his wife, they also have a boy of the same age in the swim class although their boy goes to a different local school. The three couples are surrounded by our combined nine children in various stages of undress for lessons. Two waiting for dad and tot classes. Two were still being nursed. I remember the cousin always had a big Tupperware filled with grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone.

Sunday, soccer on the field behind our school. Our sons team included several of the boys from his class. They raced happily around in the rain and mud. Arms waving in the air like windmills. Parents surround the field yelling encouragement as we drank E’s spiked hot chocolate in the cold.

Monday night, Beavers. Twenty men and their sons arrive in the gym at the local school. E stands beside his swimming buddies. We are new to the town and don’t know anyone else. The district commissioner welcomes them. “So pleased you all appreciate the value of the scouting program for your sons.. ” she says “small problem, we have no leaders for this Beaver group. So if some of you would like to step up, we will train you and your sons will have a great scouting experience. ” E and his two swimming buddies didn’t so much step up as sixteen other men stepped back.

The following Monday a meeting was planned by E and his new Beaver leader buddies at the local McDonalds to discuss what the hell just happened and finalize plans for their new Beaver pack. Were they aware that E had had a vasectomy that day and was sitting with a bag of frozen peas in his pants? I doubt it.

These two couples, long time residents, and their families were integral to the years of happiness and support we had living in that town.

The first visitor E had in the CCU the morning he got sick was the cousin. The other family occupied our eldest during E’s heart transplant. Dear dear friends and we are only too excited to be hosting them

here this weekend

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