left to do

The weather has been good this week. Sure, it hasn’t been Jan good (my friend currently basking in southern sun) but it has been good enough for us to get outside and get some work done in the yard. E pruned the apple trees and I hit the rose bushes.

I normally prune my roses when the forsythia is in bloom but they were neglected last year. This year I showed no mercy. There is a saying, that you can’t prune a rose too much and I took that to heart. Hopefully, they will thrive with my severity.

I also began to weed and clean up the mess in the garden. It’s a big job and I didn’t make a dent in the mess but it sure felt good to be up there puttering about.  My plan is to move everything possibly deer resistant down to the driveway rockeries and thin the rest of the perennials. They are out of control.

The fish in the garden pond are large and very happy. Apparently, they don’t need a lot of attention. The perfect pets.

We went to town yesterday. Waters were flat calm and the trip uneventful. But, we were, as usual exhausted when we got back. Don’t tell anyone but we were in bed at 8 and we slept 12 hours!!!!!!!!! My only excuse is that we must still be recovering from the plague. The dog was thrilled with our apparent conversion to his sleep schedule.

I have to admit our work ethic has taken a hit with the increased comfort of living in a somewhat finished home. Our days are filled with music as E plays with his new sound system more than grouting tile or sanding drywall.

But I hadn’t seen the outside of the house from the water since probably September. We came through the rapids rather than the narrows yesterday to get a picture of the house with the windows and the deck as it stands so far. There is a lot still

left to do

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