are you serious?

I would have been murdered by both E and Craig if I had bought items for the finished house before it was, you know, finished. It was hard enough climbing over all of the debris and construction materials, let alone if we all had to climb over planters and new Adirondack chairs… so I didn’t.. best to keep the peace.

Craig has been here the last few days finishing up the trim. I now have a live edge breakfast bar and I am more than pleased to say that essentially the interior of the house is finished.. If by interior we don’t include the window ledge in the master and the baseboards in the bathroom.. But let’s be real, on this island if you are building a house and you are down to the last .5% you can say you are pretty much finished..Papa didn’t put his flooring down for ten years after he “finished” the house.

There is a fair bit to do outside, gutters, railing, a bit of fascia.. couple of posts… but it seems to be that they aren’t complicated jobs and if we get any kind of break in this relentless rain, they will be easily accomplished. Only took a year!! Ha ha…

It would completely defeat the point of living here if all of the work was finished and there were no jobs to do around the property.. We can’t possibly drink and eat any more hours in the day than we already do… !

But we are thrilled. It seems like only yesterday, we were catching four mice a night in the kitchen and living in a 12X12 room behind a plastic sheet. It was only four months behind the sheet? seemed like longer 🙂 maybe cause we didn’t have a roof for three more or windows for four more after that!!! …..ahhh good times..


But what is life, if it is so boring that at the end of the day there are no stories to tell. We have been able to provide the island with something to talk about at coffee shop.. But no more.. well .. soon no more.

We must be nearing the end. I felt confident enough today to order the patio furniture with E and Craig in the same room and neither of them gave me that look… you know the look… like patio furniture, really??

are you serious???

4 thoughts on “are you serious?

  1. As we well know it’s the journey that provides fodder for the stories. The end will be great but the trip will fill your memory forever.


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