Doesn’t scare easily

I accept the fact that this is not the easiest house to build a deck around. There are multi levels of uneven ground, huge boulders to go around and deep crevasses to hang over. That being said,  all I ever wanted was a deck. When we sold Soho, we also then needed a guest room and along the way we decided to add a new living room, bathroom and kitchen. But I still want a deck.

I scared the bejesus out of Duane this summer when he suggested politely over drinks at a party that we just finish the house and put off building the deck for another year. He had never seen the scary Me as I screamed … are you kidding me?!?! that is all I wanted! or words to that effect…..deep breath.

E stained the fascia boards and that was the end of his back. Years of miserable anti-rejection drugs have taken their toll on his bone density so he suffers. Usually it’s worse after carrying propane tanks which he did this week. We have plans to build a new shed behind the outhouse and move the propane system there. E could then drive the tanks right to their hook up. With all of our new solar power we are also hoping our dependence on propane is reduced drastically.

The guys were working on the foundations and joists for the deck.. nice big strong boards sitting on cement footings will hold us tightly to the rock. The deck has a bunch of different levels needed to get around the elevation problems. The largest amount of deck real estate in the easiest build site is ready to have the deck boards laid. E is going to get to that tomorrow. It sounds like the weather is supposed to be good and its a job he is happy to do on his own if his back cooperates.

I spent the day looking for places to hang our pictures. We really have very little wall space and are very limited in what we can hang. I figure we can store most what we have until the kids are ready to take them.

The mat on my Mom’s map doesn’t really go with our paint colours but the mat , can be changed. In the meantime,  the map  is hung in a place of honour. Mom is in my dining room. All of these pictures that she loved hanging on my walls makes the new house even more special to me.

So the house is coming along,, but  great many things need just “a little” more work to be finished.. it’s all good.  More importantly though,  it looks like I’m going to get the beginnings of a deck very soon.

and our friend Duane? what happens to him.. Not to worry.. Even after my scary outburst, He is still appears to be my friend.. Apparently he

doesn’t scare easily



3 thoughts on “Doesn’t scare easily

  1. Actually I was feeling your pain as we’ve been building for years too but you scared me ! I though you were going over the edge. My god I’d be banned from your garden . Maybe even loose Sunday coffee privilege. It’s a small island I must be more careful. I’ll know to be on tippy toes till the decks done.


  2. Moira – i am enjoying your blog. I feel like we are having a personal conversation every day. I love the comments about your moms stuff. It may not be your colour or style but it is important to have it !
    Great to see you last week
    Love Tessa


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