bit of bubbly

We are progressing and it’s all very exciting.

The foundations of the decking were complete so E was able to lay a lot of the deck boards and Craig was able to get a staircase to the dining room constructed. There was much discussion at 8 am yesterday as we tried to decide how we wanted to build the stairway… We are literally deciding on the deck design as we go. It’s very hard to imagine how to proceed until it is built stage by stage… very complicated. We are after all, on the edge of a cliff.img_5923

That being said. We have a stairway to the deck and a large area completed which is suitable for nature watching. Railings will come when the deck is complete. I moved a couple of chairs down and waited for the show to start. The sea lions soon came and didn’t disappoint. Sea lions and fish flying in the air right below me…  It’s like my own private aquarium.

At this point the exit to the deck from the dining room is covered in a sheet of plastic but the door is ready and might go in tomorrow.

E has also been splitting wood, dry walling and sanding. Our new furniture arrived by barge yesterday and is now sitting in a giant pile at the front door. We really aren’t ready for it but I wanted to get it here before the winter rains arrived. I don’t mind stepping around a few more boxes. At this point I don’t even take notice of the mess anymore..

I am knee-deep in research for some papers I want to write. It’s time-consuming but fun work… With any luck I will have an article finished in time to submit to the island newsletter.

We are beginning to feel like life is returning to new kind of normalcy. We even had time to christen the deck with our neighbours and a little

bit of bubbly




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