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but unconditional love


Hi Mom,
Well it’s done. I handed over the keys to your house tonight. I am back at the hotel for a long soak in a hot bath and to finish off the bottle of red I started last night.
When you asked me to be executor I thought it was kind of an honour.. No one tells you its a giant pain in the ass. E is still working on his Moms estate and she died three months before you.. I’ve said it before.. They do not make it easy to leave this world.
But, contrary to what E and Craig thought I was doing these last three months….. which was watching kitten videos on my laptop while they worked.. I was actually trying to get your will probated and the estate distributed in record-breaking fashion so sister and brother could move on with their lives… and I did it. Our friends think I’m concerned about how long our reno is taking, they don’t understand how many other balls in the air E and I are juggling.. The reno schedule is our schedule and the it is coming along perfectly.
House sold, monies distributed, estate finished 3 months to the date of your passing. I think I set a record… Brother has taken your gift and moved to a lake on the west coast and sister has bought a house outside of a tiny fishing village on the Atlantic ocean…..I have not taken offense that it is as far as she can possibly get from us, as I figure its her time to have a life. Lord knows she did right by you, staying with you so you could live your 96 years in your own home..  lucky you..
But I’m sad Mom. I left your house today and that is it. We have no more ties to the town where we raised our three kids.. all of us.. you too.. It was you who drove them to and from school and sat with me on the sidelines while E coached every conceivable sports team. I can still picture you and sister walking down the road every Christmas morning to watch the kids open their presents.
Imagine how lucky the kids and I were to have you, just a couple of doors away from me. Really, for my whole life, until I moved to the island.. Sorry about moving.. I know you understood though. You would have come with us if you could. The desire to live on the water was so ingrained in us our whole life. Is it any wonder all three of your children have taken your gifts to enable them to retire on the ocean or beside a lake?
I have had trouble writing since you have been gone. This blog was for you.. To share with you our life.. I can’t tell you how often I stop to call you to tell you the news. Craig figured out how to meld the old roof with the new, our first grand baby is coming on Aug 28 by scheduled C-section, our two youngest kids are coming to visit for the weekend, I saw an eagle swimming under our house… its endless. Every day I want to tell you something.. I had you with me for sixty years. I know, very fortunate indeed, Many don’t have the privilege. But still its hard.. I never had a Dad, you were my best friend.
I’ve been so busy, but tonight it hit… The realtor told me you would be proud of what I have done.. I called bullshit.. You don’t know what I have done. Your gone…Neither of us believed in an after life. However……………………………………… just in case we were wrong.. and you are watching me.. I did it.. I did everything you asked of me. Because my whole life I received from you nothing
but unconditional lovesep 22 010

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

9 thoughts on “but unconditional love

  1. What a lovely tribute.

  2. Beautiful……I love reading your posts

  3. Lovely letter. And congratulations on fulfilling your duties in record time! I imagine it meant a lot to your siblings.

  4. Beautiful, Moira. Simply, beautiful.

  5. Wow, that’s quite an accomplishment. Good for you!! Nice story, and a great photo of you and your mom. It’s not easy to love unconditionally. Your mom was quite the gal.
    We’ll drop by next week to see the latest on the reno. I hope this is not the end of your postings. We always love reading your news.
    Missed you at the sushi gathering. It was fun.
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