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Are living well


It was a busy weekend around here.. once again E and I were out worked and out strengthed by Craig. The guy is like the Easter Bunny… Not the real one that brings chocolates but the Eveready battery one that never stops or takes a break.

Saturday, the 6 square inch posts were carried down the hill by Craig and E. They stood them up and attached them with the black brackets Craig had made last week. Part of the roof had to be cut away by E at the absolute hottest moment of the hottest day of the year to make room for one of the posts… He fried up there. Craig was putting the plywood in between the posts ready to frame for the windows.

Craig changed his mind about the corner posts and decided to mill two eight inch square posts instead of the six inch ones we used for the rest of the room… We sanded them Sunday morning while Craig notched the front lintel…

Our saint of a friend showed up to help E carry the corner posts down the hill. Then He, Craig and E carried the 400 pound lintel down the hill to the front of the new room…

Craig had built a contraption (not the technical term) to give the guys a place to rest the beam as they raised it higher.. this all happened in thirty degree hot sun..  

I served no useful purpose at all but to photograph the event in case there was an insurance claim when One of the guys went off the cliff or perished from heat stroke.

At the end of a very long hot ten hour day. The posts are up and one lintil is up…. I have to reiterate, it is no simple task to live on an off grid island or build on an off grid island, especially if you live on a cliff.. We are not living simply… but we 

are living well

Author: Off Grid Islanders

We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

4 thoughts on “Are living well

  1. The imagery created is familiar. So is the weight. I remember it all too well. And -get this – I have more 6×6’s coming! I now dream about big beams! How sick is that? But the heat part…..that’s too much. Weight I can handle. Heat is an experience on the same sliding scale as experiencing hell. The camera may be important but ice cold beer is critically essential. OTG, eh? Who knew?

  2. Oh my – you have gone from endless rain and cold to now to unbearably hot! No worries, I’m sure the rains will be back!

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