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Lord I stink


The feeling I usually get around 4 pm that it is time for a glass of wine hit at 3:50… It must be getting closer to daylight savings time. Noticeably lighter out these days. We could easily head across at 5 pm and have daylight now… could spring be too far away?

All this talk of wind prompted me to check the forecast for tomorrow. It says blowing 32k with gusts of 52 at 10 am.. I called my daughter and suggested she might want to delay her visit by a day. She will travel in calm wind and tack a day on at the end of the weekend. We are nothing if not flexible around here.

I loaded the wood bin, split kindling, filled the diesel tank and put gas in the truck. We have a siphon that simplifies the gas for me but I still tend to spill more than recommended. For those that don’t know me, I have lithium plates in my wrists and a shoulder which is useless and soon to be replaced. So these heavy jobs are not usually in my area of responsibility. I am quite capable of doing them, it is clumsy and messy and smelly but it gets done. But it is high time E gets back to work, I need to get back to the garden.

He is feeling much better. The two meds he tried last week did nothing and eliminated two possible causes for his symptoms. The drug regime he started yesterday seems to be making a difference. He should get back to work in no time!

Sea lions and seals are spotted more frequently. There have been rumors of small herring hatches nearby… The eagles are back and hanging around the cut.DSCN9047

I found a really cool way to record my plants on my ipad. So far I have entered 108 plants. Then I can load pictures and information on how they are doing and the whole program can keep track of their progress. I know, boring right? but its fun for me… Certainly more fun than doing E’s chores…

Did I mention how much diesel I spilled on me?  Good

Lord I stink



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6 thoughts on “Lord I stink

  1. Glad to hear that E is doing better and so will be able to get on with doing his chores.:) and you – you are really going to have a shoulder replacement? That doesn’t sound like fun. As always, love to read your blog and to hear what’s going on with you. There is always a chuckle.

  2. Hey Bionic woman LOL Glad to hear that Ian is feeling better. Do you have your surgery scheduled? What garden app are you running on your ipad? My garden isn’t nearly as complicated or beautiful as yours .

  3. Good! Prayers answered. And smelling like diesel is like points with men. Not too many but still on the plus side. “Wow! That woman smells like the old diesel stove we had back in the old days!” Once, two big, strong young guys saw me carrying drywall down to the boat. They picked up the last two sheets between them. When I got to the boat, I passed my two sheets to my wife. She took em. Stacked em. And they then passed her the two they were carrying. As they walked away, I heard them say, “Did you see the pipes on that chick?” Sal was 55 at the time. “Wow!” She said when I told her. “What are pipes?”
    The point? You get points doing stuff like that.

    • Women living in this environment bring an entirely unique skill set to the table… I have never met such a decidedly capable group of women in my life.. Sal is in good company…
      Our jobs aren’t divided by gender but by interest.. E (an accountant) hasn’t paid a bill in 17 years… We usually do everything together, much like you guys.. we cook together, clean together and build together… makes for a wonderful retirement indeed…..

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