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February 9th, in what is supposedly the Great White North. It was probably 15 degrees on the perch as I sat in the sun this afternoon taking pictures.

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I had spent the morning in the garden weeding, and checking for signs of life on all of the plants I transplanted in the fall. Between divisions from two of my sisters in law, my friend (the one in the house with her own friggin eagle nest) and trips to Home Depot, Potters fall plant sales and seeds from my visit to Butchart Gardens with AW,  I have added close to forty new plants to the garden.. I know!!! I have been listing them in my new on line journal and have lost track of what is what.. It will be a pleasant surprise when everything starts to bloom in the spring.. I am confident I will be spending most of next September moving everything around once I see how they look… but in the meantime…. it is fun…..

All of the water tanks are full to the brim.. 5o00 gallons!!! whoo hoo… We can still pump from our well this summer but we are going to have a very healthy reserve indeed.. Maybe I should get a sprinkler ??????

Our daughter is still here, fourth day.. She is on her fourth book.. (proof she is my daughter). While in University she supported herself working at a toy store in the big city. She was just telling us of a woman who came in with a complaint. Apparently the toy she bought was defective. It was a hula hoop…

Our friends.  the R’s came for a kayak visit this afternoon.. Isn’t it incredible to live in a house so close to the water that I can chat to friends in their kayaks from outside my living room window.

We have testing in town tomorrow and more in the big city on Thursday and Friday. By the weekend E will have had every test I can imagine. We should know soon how to get him back to work here on the island, building my compost bin.

We live in the Great White North where it is sunny and 15 degrees in February. Where my daughter comes to see us, friends and wildlife visit me on the perch. We have free health care and awesome attention from incredible medical minds. Who would want to

live anywhere else









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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Agreed. Totally. 100%. I’ve been elsewhere plenty. This is the best. The very best. I am happy. I never would have thunk it. But, I am!

  2. I’ll never forget an early Kayak Chat from your perch. It was about 2 vs. 3 baffle septic systems. I realized I’d DEFinitely arrived in the Nature Channel!

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