for better friends

One of the biggest changes for us living here on the island was giving up my bathtub. E had installed a nice big tub with arm rests in our L en suite when the arthritis took over my arms. Sometimes I would have two or even three baths a night to sooth my shoulder and wrists. Our friends who bought this nice beautiful house on the island recently have two bathtubs.. I was moss-green with envy. I have suggested several times to them that it wouldn’t be much of an inconvenience at all if I arrived occasionally at night with my bubble bath and rubber ducky.. I have promised to be quiet like a mouse.. They just smile…

Big wind storm last night. I slept through the whole thing. Good thing as I would have been nervous. It is never a good sign when you go out to get wood in the morning and find your patio furniture strewn about the deck like match sticks.dec 12 004

Log activity in the flooded bay at SoHo continues.dec 12 008


E was working on the garden taps at SoHo today and I was making mincemeat tarts to take to my Moms for Christmas.. The sun was shining and the storms are over.. Nothing to remind us of the weather this week  but the heavy volume of water in the creeks and the debris in the ocean.

I had turned to my book and a little nap in my sunbeam when our friends with the two bathtubs texted us that it was Friday and they were heading over.. Once I examined how it could possibly be Friday again I went out onto the perch to greet their arrival and wave them in…

Look what is on the roof of their boat..dec 12 015

Yup a bathtub. BD went to great lengths to keep me out of his two bathtubs. He was able to source this tub with arm rests from a reno sale in Victoria and brought it with them this weekend for me.. How cool is that??

Now all E has to do is figure out where to put it and completely redo the plumbing of our house… How hard could it be? We couldn’t ask

for better friends

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