a King Tide

A great source of entertainment when the kids were young visiting Papa was playing with the logs on the beach.. There was log-rolling, log rowing and many valiant attempts to create a pristine beach by pushing logs off and into the bay. Papa wouldn’t discourage their fun. He knew however, that the winter storms had different plans.

This week we have what is known as a King Tide, from the upcoming gravitational pull  between the sun and moon at the Winter solstice.  King Tide isn’t a scientific term but is used to describe an especially high tide event occurring twice a year. When they occur during cyclones, floods or storms, water levels can rise to higher levels and have the potential to cause great damage to property and the coastline. This weeks tide combined with the water accumulation of four heavy rainstorms in a row and high winds caused the water levels to rise higher than we have seen on the island.

We received this photo of the bay at SoHo this morning from the F’s. Thanks to SF for letting me post her two pictures here as evidence..       log bay two log bay one


We grabbed our camera and went down to see it for ourselves. It was an hour after its peak but we were still able to see the water higher on the beach than ever before. No damage was done but I post these pictures for the interest of the SoHo owners. Y’all can see take a look too.

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Since the days of attempting to clean the beach we have given pause for thought that over the years we have needlessly filled the local water with floating danger to our neighbours boat engines. The logs safely on the beach and out of harms way shouldn’t have been sent back out in the channel.  After what we witnessed this morning, we realize our antics were nothing compared to

a King Tide

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