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It must have been a busy weekend if it is Wednesday and this is the first opportunity I have had to write.

My father in law left us, along with his amazing island home, an excellent library. Christmas after Christmas, fathers day after fathers day and for many of his birthdays, he would return to the island with gifts from his children which usually consisted of books. Maritime and local history are well represented in his eclectic collection.

We had my sister and brother-in-law, who were staying at the family home for the long weekend, for dinner on Saturday night. After four bottles of wine and a half a bottle of Scotch we managed to solve most of the worlds problems and discuss a few of our own. My brother-in-law also recommended a book he had found on the library shelf. The Custodian of Yellow Point: A Biography of Gerry Hill. I played hookey yesterday afternoon and read it in front of the fire with the windy seas outside my window. I totally agree with Hill’s love of this area and his inability to kill a living creature. We welcome them all to our property. I can hardly wait to try out one of his tricks on our squirrels. Probably won’t be able to convince a deer to sleep on my shoulder until E or the dog are willing to give up their current spot.

We played bridge on Sunday night and it was awesome… We had surprise bids, attempted slams, stink bids and chocolate covered raisins… What better kind of bridge game can there be? The guys won the first two games. The score sheet looked pretty ugly from our perspective. We convinced E, the score keeper to start a clean sheet for the second half of the evening. Once he turned the page our fortunes changed. JR and I brilliantly won the final two games with our creative interpretation of the rules against table talk.

By the time I had finished my book yesterday, made dinner, washed the dishes, walked the dog, stoked the fire, checked my emails, watched the hockey game, stared into the abyss….. it was 10 pm before I finally sat down to work on the Tidelines Newsletter. Three hours later my head was raring to go but my hands had given up… I headed to bed but could not sleep… Up early this morning I was grateful E had kept the fire going.. It is warm here on my window seat… This is where I will be most of the week as I diligently work on the winter edition. You can tell how committed I am, as I sit here writing my blog instead of the newsletter.

It is sunny, windy and cold. Excellent for storm watching and cozy fires.. Not so good if you are a little puppy with a delicate constitution. This morning it was 4 degrees Celsius when I got up. Sami went straight to the hearth and back to sleep.                              nov 12 001

I sit here on my window seat working and watching the waves.  I can see Yellow Point

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from my window.



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  1. How I loved that window seat!. It no doubt has my DNA all over it. Maybe having a window seat in our new island home was one of its selling features. I love that you love this perch!

  2. Thanks M, it is a beautiful spot indeed to watch the world go by

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