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Considering my fear, aversion and general dislike of the movie Wizard of Oz, it is ironic that I married a man who would become the Tinman. (How he got his nickname) I can be married to the Tinman but it doesn’t mean I have to ever watch the movie. The movie opens telling children that there is a woman in the neighbourhood who could ride by on her bike and steal their dog. It seems unnecessarily cruel. Dognapping with an underlying personal threat to the dog’s owner is wicked. Even if the child was responsible for a house dropping on the woman’s sister and stealing her shoes. Accidents happen. And since when do monkeys fly? Flying monkeys aren’t cute. They are freaking scary… It’s a disagreeable movie.

Today the wind over the water in front of us was Wizard of Oz worthy. It was difficult to pull myself away from the spectacle to get anything accomplished. My goal was to get the floor washed.. I eventually did get it done but have to admit that the floor in the living room in front of the window is probably a lot cleaner than that of the bathroom.

When we were in town yesterday, E bought all the fun things he likes to get at Home Depot. With the gardening department closed I was forced to the magazine rack for a treat for myself.. I got the new Canadian Living Christmas baking edition. Today, I tried one of the recipes… It’s an almond, coconut, chocolate chip cookie kinda thing… not bad at all….

I also managed to finish making some gift cards.. A job I chose to do because I could sit at the window, storm watching while I did it..

E however was incredibly productive. He bottled our Port. nov 6 001

He also went to SoHo and got the truck running. Then he installed a new regulator on the propane tanks. It forces the propane supply to switch from one tank to the other if one empties. After SoHo, he went to the W’s to install their new screen door. The screen door packaging said it could be installed in 30 minutes…. I timed him. They lied.  He then headed down to MR’s to plane and glue the wood for his carving project. They turned 2 X 6 boards of cedar into a project sheet 2 feet X 2 feet. Now he is making me a pizza for dinner… Whew .. I am exhausted writing about his day.

In the fall of 2008 we went to New York for the weekend and were able to get last-minute tickets to Wicked. Wicked is the prequel, of the Wizard of Oz. It explains why the witch is so angry. The book has a darker subtext, good vs evil… random nazi references. We have it if anyone wants to borrow it.  E had read the book and loved it. I was sceptical but agreed to go. He assured me there would be no dognapping in the play. It’s a musical for goodness sakes, he said good-naturedly.

I took my seat near the front of the Broadway theatre. The lights dimmed and the orchestra began the overture. Within seconds, I mean literally seconds.. the entire theatre was filled with flying monkeys!! Over my head, in front of me, behind me.. everywhere.. flying frigging monkeys.. He had to hold my hand for the next ten minutes.  The play was excellent. The music awesome and the storyline brilliant. But honestly, I really don’t think that the story line in any way benefited from scaring the audience with flying frigging monkeys… Lollipops.. What about floating lollipops? Weren’t there lollipops in the movie? They could easily have opened the play with the air-filled with giant brightly colored pretty lollipops… That’s how I would

have done it

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  1. I can just SEE both of your days. Brings back many memories! Funny how some of our childhood fears can come back in a flash! Not that long ago I realized the bear in my childhood nightmares was from a little “Golden Book” called “The Bear Who Said No.” Who knew?

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