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a body overboard


Living off grid, it is important to keep an eye on where you stand with propane, diesel and water. E did a check today on our levels.. Diesel is 2/3 full. We have about 140 pounds of propane on hand and the water tanks are 3/4 full (1200 gallons).. We are here another week before we head to town for Christmas with the family. We can pump water every day before we go and will bring back a couple more jugs of diesel with us.. Propane can wait until January. All is as it should be.

I understand it would be possible to bring electricity to our island, especially for those of us on the end closest to M.. But most of us are heavily invested in solar power and hydro access isn’t of interest to us.  I don’t think you would buy an off grid island home if it was convenience you were looking for. If asked what problems would come with electricity to an island like this,  I would say it is rentals… With rentals come strangers and with strangers come problems… As it is now.. Everyone on the island is known to each other and if there is an occasional stranger walking about they are usually guests.  We have problems sometimes with boaters from the cove walking about and stealing things.. but it is rare.. and everyone keeps an eye out for each other.

Many of the properties have motion detector cameras (we do) that keep an eye out for interesting wildlife or people who ought not be walking about someone elses property…… For the most part, we all feel pretty secure here.

I just came back from my walk up the  Lane with the dog and it was dark and quiet and pretty.. No one is very near to our property at this time of year.  It is very peaceful and I feel safe walking about in the dark. It can be eerie though, sometimes it feels like you are walking through a mystical shire when you walk under the trees and down the lane….

This afternoon, there were gun shots.. two of them… The Y’s saw the guys who shot off the rounds. Two men were in a boat down by the south end. The Y’s saw them, called us and we got a picture of the boat… Not close enough to get their licence…. Who speeds out on a cold winter day, on the water to let off  two shots and then race back through the Narrows? I originally posted the picture of the boat but have removed it.. If you want to see it.. I can send it to you.. just ask.. thanks.

To our knowledge they didn’t drop

a body overboard

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  1. That’s pretty scary, glad the Y’s caught a glimpse. I guess they were shooting at deer? did they get one? Very strange, but that is the reason we fought so hard to keep this island off limits to hunters.

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