for the seals.

Plans change, as they do and we left our nice warm cabin and went into town this morning. Water was quite bumpy both ways but I was wearing my big girl blouse and all went well.. With E beside me nothing is going to happen.. It’s like riding a bike with training wheels.. yet one day I need to do it on my own..

It felt colder today than ever… brrrrr .. the dogs were freezing on the boat… that aluminum bottom is cold on their bums. We came around the corner (I was driving) at BH to discover the harbour patrol with a cable strung across between to the two marinas behind the F’s boat.. They asked us to park over at Johns dock.. We put the boat in over there (had to give E the wheel to do the turn around as I am unfamiliar with the rocks by the ramp there. I don’t know what harbour patrol was doing there, they were gone when we returned. Side note.. the code at Johns dock is different from our side.. E had to climb around the fence…. brrrr…… Once we got to the car Sami was still freezing. He was sitting in the car with the hot air blowing,  shivering and milking it for all it was worth.  He was not a happy camper.

As we were in town we were able to take the engine leg to the boat mechanic, didn’t have to trouble the R’s. Kind enough of them to store it for us for the weekend.

Couple of other quick stops and we were heading home. I make gift cards with the pictures I take here (everyone does)  and I attempt to sell them on Etsy. Last night I made my first sale, so had to go to town to mail it. I just need to make 599 ( sales) more to pay for the engine repair. We went into Bosleys with Sammi and he picked out a fleece coat for himself… Seems to keep him warm and happy and there is a stand up collar so he looks quite dashing.. Vanity not being one of his many issues.

sammi coat

On the wildlife front, the otter were playing under the window this morning.

dec 9 038

but I think all other sea life were huddled by their home fires.. it was too cold out even

for the seals.

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