best of times

Their teacher called them the three musketeers . From the first day of French immersion kindergarten they were solid friends. The five year old boys were the oldest children in their families and they had siblings, all of a similar age. Their three Moms met at the first school Halloween party and became fast friends. I love those two other women.

On Saturday nights, we would tire the kids out at either the 5pm family skate or the family swim at the local leisure centre. We would all then return to our house and do make your own pizzas for dinner. With our combined ten kids spent and fed, we six parents would plant them in front of the TV for rented movies from Blockbuster in the family room. Then, we would close the kids behind the family room door and retire to the living room for wine and laughter. Much much later in the evening we would open the door to discover ten sleeping kids, cuddled together safe and happy. We parents were young, with little money for entertainment, and enjoyed many a Saturday night together drinking wine in our collective living rooms while our kids chilled together in amazing harmony.

Why am I telling you this? I have readers from the island who like to hear what is going on here while they are away. I have readers from my childhood who like to hear about the whales and wild life and I have readers from the off-grid world who like to hear about septic systems.. But, I also have readers from our days raising kids and tonight this blog is for them.

Tonight, I am homesick. I am missing our life in the town where we raised our kids. They were good days and we had a gorgeous home, an amazing garden and lots of supportive, loving friends. What brought about this nostalgia?

One of the three Musketeers , was married tonight and E and I were invited. At 4 pm we turned in to the live-stream coverage of his wedding in the back yard of his family’s historic property. It was lovely to be able to witness the ceremony from here on our off-grid island. I have to admit I cried through most of it. I was so happy for the groom and his parents but it made me just so homesick for the days when we lived in that town, raising our children. It reminded me how much I love our friends from that town and how much I miss them, and our life there.

I am fully aware that we live in paradise and that I enjoy the peace and tranquility which my mind demands. I know we have much to be grateful for and that our new island friends are kind and loving and supportive. Perhaps, it is because I know that this week I will grow older that I wish to relive those days just once more. They really were the

best of times

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