about their affections

The goal was simple today. The compost area needed to be cleaned out and the rose beds prepped for their new residents before the rains come tomorrow night. Nothing like a couple of days of solid rain to make plants feel welcome in their new home. E needed to finish the fencing in that corner and hang the lattices. Years ago he gave me a gardening book called Vertical Gardening. I am calling on that inspiration to cover the unsightly water tank. You can imagine how it is going to look. The plants from left to right are: The First Lady pink Clematis (Lattice), Honeysuckle , Julie Andrews pink rose, Climbing White Eden rose (Lattice), Honeysuckle (Lattice). It was a good job to get done and I look forward to the picture I can post next year when it is a wall of scented beauty. Guests going in and out of the bunkie will hopefully appreciate a scented walk to the door.

We had medical reasons to go into town this week so we did a big shop with Save On while we were there and had the groceries delivered curbside. I find the process incredibly convenient and safe. At my leisure I can scan their web site and pick out anything on my master list which is on sale and bulk buy for the coming winter. Yes, that’s what I said. I am already thinking about and planning for next winter. Any potential covid exposure in town yesterday was minimal. Ironically, if it wasn’t for medical issues, we would never have had to leave the island this year at all. We don’t expect to go to town now for months.

Greenhouse is proving to be a whole lot of fun. Tiny seeds are turning into little green plants. It’s so fun to watch. Another month and they will be ready to go in the garden. I have optimistic plans for future experiments.

I ordered seed potatoes with the intention of growing them in potato bags. There isn’t enough space to grow them in the beds. Someone planted flowers in a lot of the vegetable beds. So thought I would give bags a try. I am going to put them in front of the new rose bed. Soil is ready and the bags are set to go but the seed potatoes are still in transit. So frustrating! Thinking ahead, I wonder if I could use the mouse proof greenhouse as cold storage in the winter for potatoes, carrots and apples. What do you think?

The peas are up six inches in the garden, and the lettuce and spinach will be ready soon. There is asparagus up and the rhubarb looks healthy and abundant. Even the garlic is doing well. We went prawning this week and got enough for a nice dinner. We will maybe try to go out once a week to augment the dinner menus… I have jars and jars of food in the pantry, which I canned last summer, but haven’t touched… We are not going to starve.

The Otter have opened a nightclub in the rocks under our deck. They are not shy. There is a lot of “flirting” going on with some of the otter quite open

about their affections.

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