Them my ass

I am absolutely positive that the whale watching boats infer no opinion on the success or lack there of, of my dieting attempts that they now often include a close up photo opportunity of me sitting on my deck during their scenic tours.

The summer season must be in full gear with plenty of boats moored at our local cove. There is a multitude of their owners passing me this afternoon. I watch these certainly middle aged couples wearing life vests and sun hats as they tour the island in their dinghy type boats. They slow to take a picture of our house and then line up outside the cut trying to figure out how to navigate the narrow pass. I watch because I am a simple woman easily entertained.

Middle aged visitors to our waters who arrived on their sailboats or big white boats invariably wear their life vests. The kayakers and paddle boarders and most definitely the loathsome jet skiers are generally well equipped with safety gear.

Who doesn’t? Not all, but a good many of the young guys in aluminum runabouts passing our house, do not. Be it that they are fishing or sight seeing, they generally seem to have been more concerned with ensuring they have enough beer on the boat and have forgotten their life jackets. Yet these are the guys who are going to need them. They are out in their wee boats, hot sun, no shirts, no hats, plenty of beer and the unexplained need to do a good deal of standing up as they travel.

Sigh.. Do I sound like a cranky old woman or the dreaded safety mom? I didn’t move to this house as one but honestly the things we see in front of our house…. Rather than show you some of the idiots let’s look at a tug in front of our house during a recent storm.


Sitting on my deck as the whale boats close in, I am uncertain whether I should wave, bow or show

them my ass

4 thoughts on “Them my ass

  1. I dont wear one. I once had a boating accident that, had I been wearing one, would have killed me. But, of course I have several flotation devices because a swimming-assist is necessary if you are in the water fully clad for the weather. For me, its a tough call. ‘Recipe’ thinking does not work. But thinking IS required. The pfd is not the only answer but you really need plan B and plan C when on the water.


  2. We always wear our life vests whether in kayak, boat, cruiser or tin boat. It is especially important in winter when the cold water temperature can kill you in minutes. Maybe it is because I’m middle aged (or at least close to that on the upper side). Can’t say what I would have down in my youth. My first boating experience was at 55 when we got our float cabin. – Margy


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