me so well

E has a very long list of problems to solve.. Last week it was the water. He did. We now have on demand hot water, in a steady stream for showers and baths.. We can now shower whenever we want… willy nilly… at least during the winter when we have water in our well. In the summer we will still need to be prudent but, I expect to be less aromatic than last year….

We had a lovely New Years shared with good friends old and new. There were forty at the dinner, maybe another twenty through the night, seventeen in the polar bear swim and probably forty for New Years day lunch at Tim and Alison’s… We got to bed after 2 am on New Years…We are old people.. I know that because last night we went to bed at 7 and slept for twelve hours…

Today, we have sufficiently recovered to move forward with further optimising our new systems.  E tackled his next problem…We want to run the well pump off the new inverter batteries. In the past we have had to run the Kubota generator to pump water from the well. It required diesel gas to pump water for 40 minutes a day.  Money spent on diesel which I would rather spend on any number of other things. It took E about a half hour to install the wiring and complete the job. I gave him the rest of the day off….

New Years resolutions. We really have only one.. Try to have a less insane year than last. Although we had the greatest gift of all in August, our new granddaughter. She arrived with the earlier loss of both of our mothers. We took apart our house and put a different one back in its place. We would accept fewer highs if it means less lows and crazy this year. We expect E’s health to continue to thrive as it did last year through all the madness. I have had all the parts replaced I expect will need replacing for a while and we have the upper hand on our kidney stones….This year we would like to begin the new “routine”.

I keep moving my chair around the room to find the perfect place to put pen to paper (figuratively) and get to my writing. John is going to kill me if I don’t get this book written. Hil and Ron,  (treasured friend)  came for New Years and brought the most awesome house-warming gift. Allow me to introduce you to Mother Nature. I’ll move her around the property until I find the perfect place for Mother to watch over us…Isn’t she beautiful?



Hil also brought me the greatest reading socks ever…. She knows

me so well.






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