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cases of wine


Very hot day…

This morning, in the shade, we loaded up our truck with the old roof shingles to go off the island with today’s barge. It doesn’t look like we made a dent in all of the accumulated debris on the property. Not to mention all of the piles of burnables waiting for the October bonfires. Sigh, I hate mess.. and this property right now is the definition of mess. Friends who stop by (you know who you are) to check on our progress can’t disguise their horror…

We have an out building called the studio…it is full to the brim with stuff. I packed up stuff to the studio from the house in the fall when we rented out the house. In March when we began the reno, we added more stuff up there. When I inherited stuff from Mom in May, it went into the studio. When I cleaned out Mom’s garage in June with the remaining belongings from our big house, they went into the studio. Building supplies like insulation and flooring are in the studio. Cases of wine from our getaway weekend… the studio…. 72 bottle wine rack for said cases of wine, from Eileen …. in the studio. Demos from the house like tiles waiting for the bunkie to be built are in the studio…. As you can imagine the studio is insanely packed within every inch of its available space… You can’t actually get through the doorway anymore, even to stand at the doorway is not for the faint of heart.

For all of the trouble we are going to with this reno we aren’t increasing our actual floor space by very much. There will be no room for all of the studio stuff down at the house when and if the house is ever finished. I will have no walls, only windows. I have no interest in blocking those windows with clutter. Sigh, God knows where all of the stuff will go.

The first of our three needed barges came this afternoon. Tom lent us his trailer to offload the shipment, which helped immensely. We were able to get it all down to our house ready to be stacked in the shade tomorrow morning. Most of it will be used almost immediately on the house..

I love that the demolition is over and everything we buy is going onto the house right away and not added to the studio. I bet most of the stored boxes at the back of the studio could go straight on the October burn pile and I would never miss any of it.

Other than the building supplies waiting in the studio the only stuff I can see with a permanent home in our house are the

cases of wine

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2 thoughts on “cases of wine

  1. Before your fourth barge trip to get rid of crap, let your neighbours scavenge. Invite them. Price stuff low. All proceeds to the community association. Nothing to your pocket. Lots will go. Half will get used. Some will end up stored in others studios. Be ssure to remove all the wine to the kitchen first.
    Five years from now a neighbour will have a garage sale… will go….some things will look familiar….you might buy one of those things….
    ….. circle of life…..

    • There is a story on the island about a garbage haul. Everyone took their stuff down to the boat ramp to be taken off the island. By the time the barge came most of the stuff had been taken;).. I wish someone would take our old furniture!

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