in the house

It was a gorgeous day here today. Despite the snow on the ground, and the pond still frozen,dscn1247 the still unfinished greenhouse registered 25 degrees this afternoon.

It was a perfect day to prune the apple, plum and pear trees. We will never do it perfectly, and it will take years to reshape the trees and get them back to Bruce’s level of production. But really, how many apples, pears and plums does a girl need?

We used the tried and true pick up truck ladder method to reach the top spouts.


That stump there beside the apple tree came from the last tree we had taken down which hung over our house. Do you see how rotten it was? We are expecting much of the same with the trees which are coming down tomorrow..

It was great to get outside and work today in the fresh air. I basically ignored the mess

in the house




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