In my elbow

There are really very few down sides to living off grid on an island. I would be hard pressed to think of too many complaints that would be  worth mentioning. Sure, it’s true I don’t get to have the number of hot bubble baths which I would like…and the layers of plaid flannel shirts can grow tiresome but at the end of the day, not worth our time to discuss. 

But the wind.. Our life and the decisions of how we spend our days are often predicated on the wind. Normally, we are afforded the luxury of rescheduling appointments or errands in town to accommodate the wind factor. Most of us have a favorite  wind app which we check regularly during the day. Checking our app this morning I see that the later we can wait to go to the city today, the better. As it is we are going a day early to avoid tomorrow’s storm. We are going to sleep at Mr. HOs to make sure we are on the early ferry tomorrow. Don’t want to miss Christmas! So there if I had to think of one down side to living on the nature channel it would be giving control of our life’s decisions over to nature .

Last night we were out for dinner and I noticed my elbow was bugging me. I felt under my shirt and there was a scab on it. That’s wierd, I thought, I don’t remember cutting my arm. I put my sleeve back down and went back to my Yorkshire pudding. All night I was aware of my elbow burning.. Around 6am I figured it out.. Ahah!!!!!!!!  I got a flashlight and put my glasses on. I went into the bathroom and pulled up my sleeve and looked backwards over my shoulder in the mirror….   Ick freaking ick… It was a tick!!

Never mind, I can live with the wind and the inconvenience of nature deciding where and when I do what and why. The one and only down side worth mentioning  to living on this island is waking up to find a disgusting horrid tick imbedded 

In my elbow

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