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When years of accumulated beach logs are lifted off the shore by a King Tide you are left with a mess. The mess hangs around for days on end and stretches for miles. It causes a barrier of debris floating along the tide lines.

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Depending on where the tide stands when you cross, the logs could be blocking the Cut or Pass or forming a line right down the centre of the Channel as far as the eye can see.

Luckily it was calm when we crossed on Monday but it was awkward. There were two barrier lines between BH and the Point. The only way to get through was to cut the engine and float between the random clear spots.. Scary looking at all the junk next to the boat knowing the damage it could do if the weather was just a bit rougher and hiding the debris in the waves..

While in town E got all the bits and pieces he needed at Home Depot, the Mazda guy, the alternator guy, the plumbing guy and the gas guy.. Yesterday he spent the day fixing the two trucks and finishing the repair job on the propane system at SoHo…It was mild out and not a bad day to work outside considering it was December 16th. Did I mention how much E likes to work on trucks 🙂

Today I am making chocolate truffles with MB which is just slightly less important than fixing trucks and propane systems and a

lot more fun

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

4 thoughts on “lot more fun

  1. Thanks for the photos! It’s hard to believe the ocean could look like that.

  2. I remember one year, on leaving PC, we had to go almost over to Valdez before we could turn south for Ruxton Pass. Take care out there.

  3. Really? We did have to take a pretty crazy route across on Monday… Looks to be gone today.. Maybe its all over at PC now…….

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